Just because you play less golf in winter doesn’t mean you can’t work on your game. Let’s use this time to work on distance.

A stable core makes your movement patterns more efficient and consistent. For golf, it will help you swing on plane, giving you added confidence and consistency on every shot.

Make it easier to repeat your best swing

Strong upper legs and core help to stabilize your rotation. Glute bridges are a great way to build strength here. Lying on your back with your feet planted hip distance apart, push your hips up from the ground and hold for 15 seconds.

If you’re unsure how to perform this exercise, please ask a fitness professional. They could also show you progressions if you want more of a challenge.

A stronger butt for a better swing.

Glute bridges are a good start, but to really zone in and boost glute strength, try these exercises as well.

Strengthening your core can help you add more yards on course, and improve your overall quality of life.