It all adds up

Cobra King SZ Irons

We want to make shot-making, especially approach shots, an area where we can improve the experience of our golfers. For most that means, making mid and longer irons easier to launch and adding more distance with a lot more consistency with each club. That means combining a fitting with the right technology and innovation. Four improvements to note in the Cobra King SZ Irons:

Making them easier to launch higher starts at the top. In a first, you’ll note the topline is carbon-fiber. It has a higher strength-to-weight ratio. As well as looking stylish, that’s weight that can go elsewhere to make it easier to launch ball strikes from lower on the face.

A huge 35% larger hitting zone and a deeper undercut to increase the launch angle, especially on mid and longer irons.

Extra stability and forgiveness is created by a very high MOI head. The squarer head shape allows the weight saved in the face, topline, and hosel, to be dispersed to the extremes. That lower weight again aids launch.

This iron has great feedback, both sound and feel, created by the lightweight medallion (including an acrylic foam) to dampen vibrations.

Now let’s fit you for the right result

The Cobra King SZ Irons have stronger lofts (club length extra distance), but each club still launches as high as you’d expect. The extra MOI will make accuracy easier to achieve. Now, don’t lose those two benefits. Get the shaft, shaft length, and lie angle that will help you hit consistently accurate approach shots.