If you’re struggling to hit accurate or consistent Iron shots, and / or struggle with
the trajectory and length, then you might not have the perfect set of partners. 

Having established your perfect lie angle / shaft length match from the 150+ combinations.
We also need to find the shaft type, shaft weight, and shaft flex, that will support your strength
and swing speed, delivering a good trajectory with a consistently square face at impact.
That’s at least 2 shaft options (steel and graphite), each with 4 flex ratings.    

There will be over 1,200 combinations of shaft length, lie angle, shaft type and shaft flex for
any model of Iron. Some of these will make golf easier. A few will make it much easier.
Most will make it more difficult to square the face at impact. No matter what skill level you
are, make the game easier by playing with your perfect match.
When you get back to the club, come and book a Fitting.