The big idea in 2019
On the “Face” of it

Once rules were put in place to regulate the speed of face flex and the length of time the ball was on the face we expected the distance race to be curtailed. Not a chance.

So while the rule-makers constrained the maximum COR and CT of the face, they didn’t restrict the maximum size of the hitting zone. At the same time designers have used lighter and stronger materials which then enables them to increase MOI. That means more distance and straighter ball flight.

“If the hitting zone is much larger, then that means not only is the club more forgiving, but you don’t have to be as precise. You can swing faster knowing that you have a bigger area of the face to make contact with. Faster clubhead speed means more ball speed.”

You will also have noticed the beginnings of clubhead design changes to make the head more aerodynamic. As AI gets involved in clubhead design, expect this area of speed development to accelerate.

“Remember this rough formula. Every extra mph of clubhead speed generates an extra 2mph of ball speed and nearly four extra yards! More aerodynamic heads with faces that allow you more room for error and therefore the chance to swing even faster, are going to make a big difference to many golfers’ golf games.”

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