Face matters
The Cobra King F8 & F8+ CNC milled face

Yes, it’s like a “work of art” tattooed on the face. Why does it matter to you that the face of
the Cobra King F8 and F8+ Drivers is made and etched by a computer and not just polished?

Traditional hand-polished faces can’t be as thin, as light, and as consistent in their manufacture,
as the milled, titanium face on the Cobra King F8 models.
The lighter, thinner, milled face allows more ball speed across the face.
It also allows even more weight to be repositioned to increase forgiveness and consistency.

It also allows the face to have a perfect dual-roll design that improves your accuracy and distance consistency.
Make contact lower on the face and your launch conditions are protected.
Hit the ball high on the toe and any chance of a wild hook are reduced.
Speed across the face. Launch forgiveness across the face.

We’re expecting to be able to deliver a much improved accuracy and consistency when we fit golfers for the new Cobra King F8 or F8+ Drivers.
The unique face technology is a big part of the improvement. Come and test your improvement.