“When it’s breezy, swing easy”

When we set up on that tee on a long par 4, playing into the wind, there’s almost a natural inclination to swing harder, even lunge at the ball.
Be careful, as counter-intuitive as it is, you might be making a tough situation worse.

Increasing clubhead speed will put
additional spin on the ball

Backspin creates lift, and that’s exaggerated
into the wind. The ball climbs and dies.

In an effort to swing hard at the ball, many
golfers change their angle of attack and
create even more spin.

The saying goes “when it’s breezy, swing easy”. When we say “swing easy”, we don’t want you reducing your shoulder turn
and just using the arms. Fully rotate your upper body, but possibly feel a little less aggressive with your arms.

This also helps with consistency

Whether you’re going to play in the wind or not, if you want to add consistency to your ball striking, practice a good swing tempo.
With your driver, at the range, practice with the “full shoulder turn, swing easy” thought. Do you lose any distance?
Do you actually gain distance? If we can help