Start now with an assessment

Yes you can

Last week we talked about the added motivation you get from a positive goal linked to
an emotional feeling or thought. If you didn’t read it, you .

I know that some of you doubt your ability to have a great, or even good, golf swing. Some of you seem prepared to live with the playing experience you have. Don’t.This isn’t about having a lower handicap; or winning trophies. It’s about being able to play a particular shot with more skill.

That might mean that you’re no longer the shortest in your fourball. It might mean that you’re able to shoot as low as those you play with, despite being shorter off the tee. It might mean experiencing the joy of hitting greens with mid-irons on a regular basis.

Think about this now

Every one of you can make an improvement to some part of your game. Every one of you can improve a level of performance,
somewhere in your game, that would enhance your playing experience in a way that matters to you.
Why not try and write down what it could be?