In the last 3 weeks we’ve talked about how important face angle is to how straight you hit the ball. It also impacts significantly on how far you hit the golf ball, especially off the tee.

The difference between the face angle and the angle of attack is the spin loft. The greater that is, then the more spin there is
imparted on the golf ball.

If two golfers have the same swing speed, hit the sweet spot, with exactly the same driver, but have different angles of attack, then the ball will travel a different distance courtesy of the different spin rates and launch angles created. Same golfer and just 500rpm of spin reduced and we could be talking 15 yards.

Now you can see why a driver fitting isn’t just a mechanical measurement of your swing speed, and then matching that to a loft.

In an assessment there is so much more we can do than just fit you to a new driver. We can offer suggestions and tips on how to square the club face more effectively, and how to change your angle of attack to optimize your launch conditions. Then we can put you in a driver that maximizes your potential.

Get it penciled in now

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