Faster roll, less deviation, more accuracy

An oval design with a softer feel

The oval design in the Odyssey Metal-X faces helped to create a truer roll with much less skidding and therefore less chance of the ball deviating off line. The White Hot RX range combines the speed and roll of this elastomer insert with next generation White Hot feel. An added textured clear coat to the striking surface works with the oval to increase friction and help get the ball rolling even faster.

Listen to the experts explain why and how the new inserts help with roll and feel.

With the Odyssey range we can find technology to improve aim and alignment, contact and roll, consistency and distance control, along with the renowned Odyssey feel. With a Putter Fitting we can make sure your chosen model then allows a good and repeatable stroke. Take a better step on the greens and come and see us for a Putting Assessment now.
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