Get every yard off the tee your potential deserves

Center of Gravity (CoG) matters to old & young, male & female, skilled & inexperienced

Whether you swing your driver particularly fast or very slow, the CoG location of your driver impacts ...
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What matters most to you?

This is a genuine attempt in collaboration with hundreds of other clubs and PGA Professionals to have a better understanding of what golfers want out of the game.
Without us influencing you in ...
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A better golf experience needs a journey

The best way to start your golf journey is to let us look at your golf game. That’s more than your golf swing. It’s your whole game; on the course; 9-holes.
Let us share the challenge
We’re ...
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Odyssey has designed a putter that makes swinging with a good rhythm more intuitive, that will help you improve your putting stroke.
But if you’ve never had a putter fitting, then you’re “hoping” ...
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You know you can be better. You know you can hit better golf shots. You know how great it feels when you make solid, square contact. You know you should be able to do that more often. See more

How is your putting stroke consistency?

While there’s been a focus on aim and alignment in putter design, many amateur golfers are impacted more severely by their lack of consistency in their putting stroke.
Here’s a skills challenge ...
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Let's make it easier to hit better golf shots

Did you buy clubs off the rack?
If you didn’t have a fitting to find the clubs with the right specifications to make it easier to hit better golf shots, then come along and see us. Often it isn’t ...
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Is distance a requirement for you? Then you'd better be here today at 1pm

PXG Fitting Day
TODAY, August 22nd from 1:00 - 5:00 pm

Like nothing you've ever seen before.
PXG does it again with their PXG 0311 ST Irons.
Offering more control with greater ...
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Are your clubs making it harder to hit good shots?

Each of you has different aspects to your swing, from your spine tilt to your knee flex; from your grip position on the club to the distance you stand from the ball; from your swing path to your ... See more

Does your child need a digital detox?

Our children are becoming slaves to social media. A 2016 study in North America concluded that the AVERAGE number of social messages a teenage girl processes in a day is 1,700. Yes, seventeen ... See more

Do you want to make better decisions on the course?

Do you lack confidence controlling distance with your pitch shots? Many, even most of our golfers have one swing length for all pitch shots. They control their distance by accelerating or ... See more

Simplify your short game

You want to hit closer wedge shots more often with greater ease. If you can control your distance, you create more opportunities for birdies and par saves. Let’s help you achieve this by simplifying ... See more

How much longer could we make your tee shots?

Technology, expertise, and a fitting can be combined to make a difference to every tee shot. How much longer could we make your best tee shot? How much longer could we make your average tee ... See more

Want spin? Then shallow is better

The reason you now see so many Professionals hitting lower flighted, higher spinning wedge shots is that they've learned so much from launch monitor data. That data has blown away some myths.
To ...
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Improve every tee shot

Technology, expertise, and a fitting can be combined to make a difference to every tee shot. How much longer could we make your best tee shot? How much longer could we make your average tee ... See more

Knock it down. Knock it close.

If we asked you to stand 20 yards from this bucket and use an under-arm throw to get a golf ball in the bucket, would you use a lower trajectory (a) or a higher trajectory (b)?
What is your ...
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We can modify your DNA in just 30 minutes

By finding ways, with your current swing speed and driver, to influence your launch angle and spin rate, we can make a dramatic difference to your performance off the tee. For each of you, we can ... See more

Have a problem? There's technology to help that

Everyone wants forgiveness, and you want it in every swing
If your handicap is over 18, then there’s a good chance that you don’t get great height on your approach shots and/or often lose the ...
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You can be ten shots better!

We identified four areas where most of you lose shots. One of those areas is in the 15 – 40 yard range.
Set yourself up on a flat lie 15-yard short of the green. Take ten shots and see how many ...
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Get your distance options covered

Everyone wants forgiveness - Take it where you need it

If you describe yourself as a good or solid ball striker, these two shots still provide you with different challenges. You don’t need ...
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The best for you

If you want to go from experiencing an average golf game to one where your walk down the fairway is more enjoyable as you look forward to a green full of opportunity, then, perhaps, just a small ... See more

Experience one of the best feelings in golf

What would cause you to smile more often on the golf course? What would give you cause for celebration? If “greater consistency” of ball striking will help deliver a smile or celebration, then ... See more

Break the speed limit this year

“Remember this rough formula. Every extra mph of clubhead speed generates an extra 2mph of ball speed and nearly four extra yards! More aerodynamic heads with faces that allow you more room for ... See more

Your greatest game is ahead of you

Ongoing improvements in materials and manufacturing processes are also allowing some of the premium brands to design and produce lighter clubs. These improvements mean that your best golf is probably ... See more

2019 represents the start of a new golden age for golfers

Softer, faster, straighter

We have to laugh when industry experts talk about dialing the golf ball back so that the game becomes more of a challenge. Hands up those who want the game to be ...
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It’s all about speed

Looking at the marketing communication, we receive from the brands about their new golf balls and golf equipment; it would seem that 2019 is going to be all about speed: See more

What's in your bag? Were you fitted?

Too many golfers carry clubs in their bags they very rarely use and then don’t have clubs they’d use on at least a third of the holes (if they were in the bag). How many wedges do you carry?
And ...
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Would more accurate approach shots matter to you?

Would playing second shots from further down the fairway; and being able to hit consistent, more accurate approach shots, matter to you? Would the improvement in experience out on the course be worth ... See more

How would you like to play a particular shot with more skill?

I know that some of you doubt your ability to have a great, or even good, golf swing. Some of you seem prepared to live with the playing experience you have. Don’t. This isn’t about having a lower ... See more

What did you think?

The New England Patriots secured their sixth championship by winning the Big Game on Sunday, but just how Super was it? 13-3? I heard a lot about the great defenses. Perhaps, but it seemed to me ... See more

Get a grip this season

We’re a month closer to playing golf again. It’s time to start making plans. If new equipment isn’t in your plans, then at least think about putting new grips on your clubs. It’s good practice. It ... See more

Think differently about your golf

While hitting the course isn’t a great option right now, it is time to start thinking about golf. Not improvements you want to make to your swing, the events you want to participate in, or your ... See more

Your 2019 golf resolutions

Among the resolutions people will have made for 2019, many will fall under the categories of “Health & well-being;” “Social engagement;” and “Time for yourself.” Guess what? Golf delivers on all of ... See more

Give the gift of better golf!

The best holiday gifts you can wish for? I’m biased. An extra 30 yards off the tee; mid-irons you hit consistently straighter; a wedge that delivers one hop-and-stop; and a putter that’s more magic ... See more

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy being with friends and family

Wherever you are, and whoever you’re with, we would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving:

Does golf exercise your mind?

You read about the best golfers making the case of golf being a sport that exercises the mind. Does it exercise yours? Read more: See more

Do you want to be good or great?

So, the big question for you is: how much do you want to play better golf? Are you sure about "why" you’d want to play better golf?
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Don't come up short on approach shots

When we look at club choice, amateurs select a club for approach shots that, if they hit it perfectly, will get to the middle of the green. Try a round where you choose a club that should get to the ... See more

It pays to master your pitch shots

I’ve watched quite a few golfers playing mid-range pitch shots over the last weeks. There seems to be one of two techniques used by the majority to try and get the ball to stop quickly.
Learning ...
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One hop and stop. How does that sound?

The ball flight of the Professionals on mid and longer wedge shots is almost always significantly lower than those we see amateurs playing. But these lower flighted shots land, hop and stop quickly. ... See more

It's the camaraderie that counts

...and makes team golf more enjoyable. Click here if you want to try it:

Get a team together and let's play some golf!

For what it’s worth, we’d like to make the observation that team golf is a lot of fun. Despite the heat of battle at the Ryder Cup, it’s a very social event. Anyone want to give it a try? Let us ... See more
It’s Ryder Cup week. What an event. What spectacle. In a suburb in the southwest of Paris, France the 42nd Ryder Cup Matches will take place on the Albatros Course of Le Golf National, ... See more

Make the most of your time on the course

A part of our job is to help improve your golf experience. So, don’t let a struggle ruin your next game of golf. If something isn’t right with your game; if it is a struggle on most days; or you know ... See more

Invest in your playing experience

On a scale of zero to ten, each time you play, how important is your playing experience? By that I mean your experience hitting your shots?

If you played better next week than you did the ...
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If you didn’t give us your $ 64 million answer, then please do so now. We’d love you to answer just one simple question about improvement.

There’s nothing confidential. It’s not a sales ...
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How to enjoy your golf (and play better too!)

We want you to focus on how much pleasure there is, for the vast majority of regular and occasional golfers, in a golf shot that’s struck in the sweet spot. They say it’s the one great shot that ... See more

Is the handicap helping or hindering the growth of golf?

“The founders of this great game came from a generation where everything was a struggle; just for life. So why shouldn’t golf be a struggle as well? And to even out that struggle between competitors, ... See more

Golf is meant to be a social game

Brooks Koepka bags his third Major in 14 months and becomes only the 5th person to win the US Open and PGA Championship in the same year.
To see how we can help you enjoy your golf more click ...
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Share the game of golf with your daughter

Women have been a significant part of the growth in golf over the last decade. Therefore, it’s pleasing to see another new youngster at the top of the leaderboard. Congratulations to Georgia ... See more

Our juniors are on fire!

Congratulations to the juniors who put in so much hard work.
We can help you find a partner for life. Find out more in our weekly communication helping you play better golf here - See more

A simple question for you.

What are your priorities when you’re looking at buying a new set of Irons? What would be the most important to you? Please follow this link and let us know - See more