The soft and long line up
Callaway Golf Balls with beauty on the inside

The lowest compression
Callaway Golf Ball. 

The Premium Golf ball that brought
low compression and distance together
in a premium golf ball.

The ball with workability for
our better golfers.

A revolution in materials and construction have transformed the golf ball category with Callaway driving the innovation. Your preferred feel. Your preferred performance. At the heart of this innovation is the core.


The new ultra-low compression core (70)
provides the softest feel that’s noticeable
especially off your Wedges and Putter face.
So it’s super soft.

Properties in the rubber of the core cause
it to react faster on contact to create a
faster ball speed, with less spin so its
super long and super straight. 

Chrome Soft

A 4-pce premium golf ball with a Dual
SoftFast core. The inner core is designed
to be really soft and responsive.
The outer core is then designed to be soft,
but to reduce the spin rate off the longer
clubs to ensure a straighter ball flight.

With properties added to increase the CoR
after impact, this ball is soft, but very fast.

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Chrome Soft X

Also a 4-pce premium golf ball with a
Dual SoftFast core. This time though the
core will give a slightly firmer feel,
with the outer core delivering a slightly
lower launch than the Chrome Soft.

The core (and mantle) will also allow a little
more spin through the top and middle of
the bag, offering workability to those
golfers who can control ball flight.

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If you’re unsure about which golf ball will most suit your golf game and preferences, then come and see us.
The good news with all of these Callaway golf balls is that they’re all soft, but also especially long.
Now it’s about matching your preference and ability to exploit workability. One of these golf balls is right for you.
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